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Content Creation Secrets - Generate High Quality, High Profit Content Overnight!

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An Open Letter To Anyone Who Is Serious About Making Money Online...

"Who Else Wants To Discover The Secrets Of Highly Successful Information Marketers In Growing A Virtually Content Rich Empire Of Money Making Sites... And How To Have Quality Content
On Demand Almost Overnight!"

SHOCKING TRUTH REVEALED! Why Only 5% Of The Information Marketers Are Making All The Money While The Rest Of The 95% Are Struggling To Make A Few Dollars... And The Difference Is Found
In Only 2 Words (read on to discover those two words...)


From: Mark Hendricks

Dear Online Entrepreneur:

Times are changing.

In 2008, the media announced that countries worldwide were going through a period of recession and financial crisis worldwide. This was the first time in a long time since the major financial crisis happened to many countries in South East Asia in 1997.

The International Labor Organization forecasted that at least 20 million jobs will have been lost by the end of 2009 due to the financial crisis - mostly in construction, real estate, financial services, and the automobile sector - bringing global unemployment above 200 million for the first time. And into 2010 and 2011 we've seen things heading in the same direction.

SHOCKING... isn't it?...

"As Recession Hits The Whole World Hard,
More And More People Realize... That
Job Security Is Now Only A Dream"

The search to replace their lost jobs and supplement their income in tough times have introduced hundreds of thousands of people to the possibility of making money online.

If I guess correctly, you're taking a stab at marketing online right now because you are motivated to look for ways to supplement your income or leave the comfort zone of job security (because everybody already knows that job security is but an illusion).

And I have a sneaky suspicion that the reason you're in the information business now is because you have been sold the idea that you can make a lot of easy money online without having to work, and automate the business to pull in the bills for you month-in, month-out while you laze away.

While it is very, humanly possible to live the freedom 'push button' lifestyle of an Infopreneur, unfortunately this holds true only for a small fraction of online business owners.

What about the rest?

In other words, only a small percentage of individuals in this business are already successful, whereas the rest of the general population are still stuck in first gear in their business!

"Out Of The Stove And Into The Frying Pan..."

I don't mean to sound unfeeling, but the reality is really harsh. And this is why I hope you read this letter with an open mind. Because in spite of what seems to be terrible odds, I still think that everyone deserves an equal chance at success - and I believe ANYONE can do it too.

You see, making money in the Information Business isn't as hard as you think it should be.

"Isn't as hard? Then why are only very few making it
big time? Didn't you just say it yourself?"

Let me explain.

This is still is the best business to be in for many people. It beats slaving away at a 9 to 5 job, you save yourself from a lot of time and money wasted on traveling back and fro from your workplace. And what other types of business can you think of that can rival the flexibility and mobility of doing business purely online?

Yet the thing is, the reason why successful Information Marketers are successful is because, they simply have better access to creating better information.

"The One With The Best Information
Is The Wealthiest..."

If you read any book in the Rich Dad series from Robert Kiyosaki, you will learn that we are now in the Information Age - and wealth belongs to those with the timeliest information.

This holds true in marketing online as an Infopreneur. And it boils down to only 2 things...

1. Quality

2. Velocity

Believe it or not, these two alone are the factors that put a razor edge separation between the Infopreneur Gurus and the rest who are struggling in their Information Business.

The truth is...

The Successful Infopreneur Has The Ability To Produce Content
On Demand, And Do It Quickly At High Velocity

Many successful Information Marketers like them know that it's almost impossible to be rich with only one product, and also need more content constantly to get themselves established as experts. For one reason...

"New Information Doubles Every 18 Months...!"

That being said, information and content made just a year ago can quickly be obsolete by today. There is always new information being made every day that the amount doubles virtually every year and a half. Experts know this - they know there's a life span to the information they put out in most cases (with the exception of timeless content like self improvement). And they also see this as a good opportunity to keep on selling and make more money.

The problem is that as always, the ones who are ignorant of this will be left out to lose, and share the crumbs of the pie with the 95% of the others.

Now What If...

You could start churning your own content on demand without writing your own

You DON'T have to be an expert today to begin with (I can show you
        how to become one quickly)

You can tap into multiple profit centers using the same content you generate...

...And Do It All Overnight?

"Introducing Content Creation Secrets..."







Flash Videos, MP3 Audios and PDF Transcripts
to the entire course - instant download
after purchase!


Finally... Now Anyone Can Generate High Quality Content On Demand In Any Hot Niche Overnight!

You'll be able to discover in just one hour, what it took others months to learn!


Living up to the promise of 'overnight' content, each of the techniques revealed in this package are:

Practical - these are NOT theories; all of these techniques lead to easy content creation so whichever method you choose that you feel works the best for you, it is something that you carry out

Quick to implement - The techniques can be carried out in quick succession - to the tune of possibly doing it overnight

DISCLAIMER: Although I think the average person can do it, I am aware that people's learning pace differ so the slow learners may take longer. At the most, it may take you a few days but as long as you have basic computer skills and a commitment to learn these content creation secrets, I don't see why it's not possible to do it even overnight!

Not 'rocket scientist' material - there's nothing totally 'out of the world'... Simplicity is best, and the main objective in this course is to communicate the methods to you so you can absorb and apply them right after you go through the course

Using these techniques can revolutionize the way the average Infopreneur gets quality content at record speed and you don't have to necessarily implement every single method discussed - in fact, if you stick to 2 or 3 methods you will see amplified results

But for the luxury of choices, I'll present the entire gamut...



Module #1: Secrets to Creating Profitable Content on Demand -- An Overview

The first module is dedicated to introducing you to a world of possibilities with quick content creation techniques. To be able to master any content creation technique at will, you need to exhibit an open mind for endless opportunities.

You Can Expect To Learn:

What constitutes QUALITY content? There are different rules to deciding what's QUALITY for the content you produce, whether you're creating an Information Product, doing Article Marketing or spawning Free Reports

An overview on the 8 different methods to generating content on the fly (which is covered in detail in Modules 2, 3 and 4)

Content Creation Redefined - the source of struggle that many Infopreneurs are facing today is because of their poor understanding and regards to the fundamentals and responsibility about circulating information on the Internet - Content Creation is redefined for you so you will get a clearer vision on how to pursue your Information Business



Module #2: Profitable DIY
Content Creation Tactics

The second Module is highly recommended for anyone who is just starting out but on a low budget, but has time to commit to learning this new mastery. This is also recommended for anyone who prefers to be in full control of everything they produce and prioritize with uniqueness.

You Will Learn:

How to be an Expert in your niche quickly and for under $100 - if you don't consider yourself knowledgeable in anything or had been living life as a 'jack of all trades' this will now be the least of your concern

How to gain the confidence of attaining Expert Status - the SHOCKING but pleasantly SIMPLE truth about being an authority figure. When you find out how easy it is to get a strong following of fans and people who look up to you as the 'go to' guy or gal, you might just want to knock your head against the wall! (it really is THAT probably just didn't think of it)

3 different ways to producing your own content overnight - this doesn't involve weeks of research and writing an E-Book

A super fast way to creating your own content in 15 minutes to 1 hour! This is the same method used to create this very same course, so you know it can be done

The secret to high ticket product creation now done in just hours! When people think of creating high ticket products they normally would perceive that a lot of work must strictly be involved. This couldn't be any further from the truth. Your customers have little concern about how long you take to make the product, as long as you deliver it. So cut the chase with this technique that has helped created Info Millionaires!



Module #3: Mass Information
with Pre-Made Content

If you want a jumpstart and skip niche marketing research then there's no easier way than what you'll discover in this particular Module.

You Will Learn:

2 special ways to get existing "pre made" content - legally, ethically and highly profitable! (NO this is NOT plagiarism; plagiarism is wrong for obvious moral reasons...) but these ways are safe to use - yes there are content out there that allows you to make use of them as your own!

The vault of content which is the source of 15% of the books being produced in the world today, and created more modern Information Millionaires!

A newly introduced method to the Internet Marketing arena in the early 2000's - this practice had been going on for almost a hundred years in the Industry Age, but this practice had just crept into the Information Marketing business and find out the same secret several Internet Marketers use to build 5 figure and 6 figure Online Empires on!



Module #4: Leveraging On Other People’s Content – Easily, Ethically and Legally

Designed for the lazy and busy guys and gals, who says you have to necessarily write on your own? And who says you have be a reporter on CNN to be the first to know?

There's a gold mine of strategies in this Module and if you don't have the luxury of time, or don't consider yourself an insider in the loop in your niche, find out how to get other people to willingly do the content for you - more often free to low cost at the most!

You Will Learn:

How To Be The First To Know - if you fancy running websites on trends, fashions, fads, and time sensitive news - like football scores, games, new TV series, and more - then find out how you can get the timeliest content even if you're just the average person!

REAL LIFE WEBSITES that are using this technique to get content for their own sites! They don't own the content but could publish the news as soon as it's hot off the press without having direct links to the media. Yet they're making easily tens of thousands of dollars a month, and are some of the most visited sites in their niche!

How to get other people to willingly write for you - if your time is worth more than money than there's no better option than getting someone to write for you. After all, they're already more knowledgeable than you are!

Ride on the fur coat of experts in your niche without paying a dime - only if you say the right words Aladdin did with his magic lamp, you will then enjoy having other experts pouring out the content for you without you being one in the process (but the expert status can just rub off on you)!



Module #5: Putting Everything Together

In this final Module, we'll recap all the 8 techniques you've learned in the previous Modules. You'll discover over 6 totally unique ideas that can get you started right away on how to profit from your new found skill to generate content on the fly. And you'll also be introduced to 5 popular choices for monetizing your content. This is best combo ever... when you acquire the skill to create content on demand and combine it with the ability to monetize from it, you will see your monthly income explode!

This is NOT teaching you how to make an E-Book. Rather, it's showing you how to get content on demand and do it real fast. It doesn't matter if you're creating an Info Product, writing an article for article marketing, or aspire to run a network of blogs. As long as you're in the business of selling information, then this course is relevant to you.

"This Will Change The Way You Do Business Online And Add More Profits To
Your Bottom Line..."

Because in the Information Business, Content is King.

Content is everything. Content is the hottest selling commodity online.

Not web hosting. Not software.

It's information.

And if you can come up with information to sell on demand - and do it practically overnight - think about it:

How many articles you can accomplish and send to article directories for back link exposure?

How much content can you pump into your blogs and profit from Google Adsense and Affiliate Programs?

How many information products can you spawn and make money from?

And with quality information spurred on demand, people cannot help but acknowledge you as the expert, the go-to guy or gal. And the irony is, you don't have to start out an expert. In fact, many of the top guns you and I know were just like you when they started out. But the difference settled in two different areas, again - QUALITY and VELOCITY.

Now you can take full advantage of this course and acquire the skill to spawn QUALITY content at HIGH velocity. You will then separate yourself from the rest of the struggling crowd almost instantly, rival your competitors in creating good content, and if you can do this... How many blogs will you build? How many information products will you make? And how much effect you can expect from article marketing?

"Want To Rake Up Content On Demand?
This Is The Real Deal..."

Now brutally honest with yourself - if you can conjure quality content on demand regardless of your current financial position and status, how much is that WORTH to you?

Wouldn't it be just...PRICELESS?

It's hard to place a price tag on the information I'm about to share with you when in the first place, I was still making up my mind whether this is best kept top secret. You just saw a taste of what I showed, and you'll agree with me this isn't like anything else you know so well of before.

So here's the deal...

You can get your copy today for just $47 - wait, see the special pricing below.

You can download this course right after you make your purchase via the online secure server. This beats requesting for a personal consultation with me as I would have charged a few hundred dollars an hour for that.

And this is obviously better than doing what you already know so well of - spending weeks on writing only one E-Book and taking the slow train, while the big guys are riding the Concorde to riches.

Again, I don't mean to be obnoxious but I want you to totally understand the magnitude of what's going on in the Internet Marketing arena. It's almost the same as the world financial problems in at least one respect: many people are taking the slow coach, while the rich and successful are flying high.

This is your chance to fly higher than you have before, so invest in your copy of this course right now while it's fresh on your mind.


I want to jump on this opportunity to discover the Content Creation Secrets you've outlined for me in this letter.

I also understand that I can try this product risk free for 30 days and then ask for a refund if I think you didn't deliver on your promises.

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Here's To Your Content Creation Success!

Mark Hendricks

P.S. With Content Creation Secrets you get to watch, read and listen exactly how to create content quickly and easily so you can get in the game with quality and velocity.

P.P.S. No longer will you wonder how it's done, now you'll know exactly what to do and how to do it.

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