brings you high quality information products and software at very special ‘one time offer’ low prices.

We have a special technology that allows us to know that you are visiting an offer page the first time, or if you are visiting the same offer page on return visits.

The first time you visit an offer page, you are presented with the opportunity to grab a great deal on a high quality product. If you do not take advantage of it the first time you visit and in the allotted time, you will never see that special low price offer again – however, on your next visit to the offer page you will still see the product offered but not at the lower price you saw on your first visit.

One other thing, this technology really does work in preventing you from seeing the special low priced and time sensitive offer on your second visit to a page after the timer hits zero. It does not depend on cookies, it is a completely different technology. So if you’ve known me for a while, believe me when I tell you this (if you haven’t known me for a while, then I can only say “I told you so” if you decide to test me on this).

You can visit the offer pages by looking at the posts listed to the right side.

Please come back often, and tell your friends about us too!


Mark Hendricks

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